Micro Touch Nitra Tex EP

Nitrile Powder-Free Examination Glove


Today, healthcare workers are highly aware of the risk of Type I allergies resulting from exposure to latex. Made of 100% nitrile, Ansell’s MICRO-TOUCH® Nitra-Tex® EP™ gloves are latex- and powder-free. Moreover, the 100% thiuram-free formulation and absence of chemicals significantly reduce the risk of Type IV allergies.

Nitrile gloves are stronger than vinyl gloves and most latex gloves. MICRO-TOUCH® Nitra-Tex® EP™ gloves have exceptionally good physical properties, as well as a strong resistance level to a large number of chemical products, including cytostatics.

Chlorination of the inner coating of the glove makes donning easy, while the absence of powder considerably reduces the risk of skin abrasion. Micro-textured finger surfaces ensure a good grip on instruments, and the gloves are also suitable for contact with foodstuffs.

The combination of easy donning, high comfort and sure grip make MICRO-TOUCH® Nitra-Tex® and MICRO-TOUCH® Nitra-Tex® EP™ the optimal choice of many healthcare professionals.

At 290 mm, MICRO-TOUCH® Nitra-Tex® EP™ offers additional length for extra protection. This examination glove, CE Marked as Class I Medical Device, is additionnaly certified and CE Marked as Category III Personal Protective Equipment, ensuring more consitent quality and providing protection for a wide range of applications.

MICRO-TOUCH® gloves are designed and engineered for a broad range of hospital staff, emergency medical technicians, healthcare facility personnel, and private practitioners seeking the protection provided by examination gloves for the variety of settings where they face challenging risks every day. MICRO-TOUCH® gloves offer hand protection to give users the confidence and professional freedom to do their jobs.

MD Class I & PPE Cat. III

Registering Authority: Centexbel (0493): PPE

If relevant, read carefully the instructions for use flyer accompanying the product. Single use only.

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