Medi-Grip Latex Powder-Free

Latex Powder-Free Sterile Surgical Glove


MEDI-GRIP® Latex Powder-Free surgical gloves are proven for sensitivity, comfort and performance without the clinical post-operative problems caused by powder.

Featuring an improved internal coating to ensure easy donning similar to powdered gloves, MEDI-GRIP® Latex Powder-Free surgical gloves are suitable for a broad range of medical procedures.

Their micro-textured surface on the palm and fingers provides secure handling of instruments in wet and dry conditions while the soft and malleable latex formulation provides ample dexterity, reducing hand fatigue and cramping.

MEDI-GRIP® Latex Powder-Free’s innovative non-chlorinated manufacturing process, optimised latex formulation and cleaning technology delivers a tailored grip and low residual extractable protein levels to minimise the potential for adverse effects.

The product also feature new, smaller packaging, increasing storage capacity whilst reducing our environmental footprint.

MEDI-GRIP® gloves deliver reliable protection for surgeons, OR nurses, and surgical technicians so they can perform their daily tasks safely and comfortably. MEDI-GRIP® gloves reduce risks for practitioners and patients alike.

MD Class IIa

Registering Authority: British Standards Institution (2797): MD

If relevant, read carefully the instructions for use flyer accompanying the product. Single use only. Sterile unless this package is opened or damaged. This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions, including anaphylactic responses.

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