Tenty Flex

Latex Powder Free Examination Gloves

Product Features

  • Developed for purposes to provide long lasting and extra protection against potential infection risk carrier matters
  • Thanks to its appropriate size ragged finger tips provide easy grip of all kinds of medical material and prevent slipping
  • Curled cuff tip prevents slipping of the glove and provides long lasting usage, can be easily used at work which needs sensitivity and protection.
  • Suitable to use for all works which requires high protection and sensitivity
  • Provides perfect march for hands thanks to its soft structure and high elasticity.
  • Its soft and elastic structure provides superior grip
  • Produced from natural rubber latex and it is powder-free
  • Suitable for food contact
  • Suitable for both hands
  • Non sterile
  • White colored

Usage Areas

Provides extra protection in cases where skin integrity can be damaged. Reduces the risk of contact to microorganism and dirtiness which can cause diseases. Used as protective measure at medicine, veterinary, laboratory, dentistry, cosmetics, food and cleaning related services and production services.


Must be used for one time even for trial purposes. Hands must be washed after the used gloves have been taken out or wiped with a damp cloth. Individuals who have an allergy to natural latex should give importance to this subject.

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