Gammex Non Latex

Neoprene Powder-Free Sterile Surgical Glove


Ansell’s innovative GAMMEX® Non-Latex surgical glove is one of the safest solutions for individual allergic reactions on the market today. Free from latex proteins and chemical accelerators, the GAMMEX® Non- Latex glove is ideal for preventing Type I allergies and minimising the risk of Type IV allergies for healthcare professionals and patients.

Part of the Ansell GAMMEX® range, GAMMEX® Non-Latex combines comfort with excellent pinhole and tear resistance, maintaining an established reputation for sensitivity and excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions.

Manufactured using a special former, the glove has a curved fit and a greater width across the hand: this reduces pressure on overworked areas such as the ball of the thumb and palm.

The result is good comfort for the wearer, which is especially valuable during lengthy operative procedures. An extra-length cuff with an adhesive band provides improved grip on the sleeve and prevents roll-down for a secure fit.

Last but not least, the glove also features high resistance to alcohol and a broad range of chemical products, in addition to strong resistance to viral penetration which is verified by extensive AVPP tests (see the AVPP brochure).

GAMMEX®, the most innovative and technologically advanced line of surgical gloves available, offers surgeons, OR nurses, surgical technicians and patients the active protection and ultimate performance they need. Through the broad range of available options, GAMMEX® surgical gloves afford the highest level of customised protection against external aggression, allergic skin reactions and bacterial and viral contamination, regardless of the surgical environment.

MD Class IIa & PPE Cat. III

Registering Authority: British Standards Institution (2797): MD, Centexbel (0493): PPE

If relevant, read carefully the instructions for use flyer accompanying the product. Single use only. Sterile unless this package is opened or damaged

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