Gammex Latex Powder-Free

Latex Powder-Free Sterile Surgical Glove


Ansell’s GAMMEX® Latex glove sets the top surgical standards with their design and latex formulation. An optimal combination of safety and comfort based on Ansell’s proprietary technology, with unparalleled levels of ease of use, this glove provides a secure barrier without compromising sensitivity.

Donning is made easy, even with damp hands, thanks to the water-based synthetic inner coating. The adhesive band at the top of the straight cuff allows for a secure hold on the surgical gown: this efficient design relieves pressure on the forearm while operating.

GAMMEX® Latex gloves provide a secure grip on instruments for easy, sure handling in both wet and dry conditions. Grip is supported by the micro-rough outer surface, manufactured using our proprietary textured former combined with closely controlled dosage in the final chlorination stage.

The glove’s very low latex protein and chemical accelerator residue content is achieved through lengthy leaching processes and postproduction washing cycles, while formulation is safe on skin, as it is free from thiurams and MBT (mercaptobenzothiazole).

Overall, GAMMEX® Latex is the answer to the most demanding surgical requirements, as proven by its success in operating theatres across Europe.

GAMMEX®, the most innovative and technologically advanced line of surgical gloves available, offers surgeons, OR nurses, surgical technicians and patients the active protection and ultimate performance they need. Through the broad range of available options, GAMMEX® surgical gloves afford the highest level of customised protection against external aggression, allergic skin reactions and bacterial and viral contamination, regardless of the surgical environment.

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