Encore Latex Acclaim

Natural Latex Powder-Free Sterile Surgical Glove


ENCORE® Latex Acclaim® gloves have been designed by Ansell to meet the increasing demand for easy donning and the best possible tactile attributes such as grip and feel.

Ansell’s premier powder-free surgical glove made from natural rubber latex.

Offering Ansell’s SureFit™ technology to prevent cuff roll-down, combined with the maximum safety level required within the operating theatre, the glove provides healthcare professionals with superior barrier protection.

The glove’s thickness allows for a comfortable fit and excellent tactile sensitivity during surgical procedures in a single or double-gloving environment. This very well-balanced combination of comfort and safety, which also features polyurethane inner coating resistant to alcohol-based hand disinfectants, adds another layer of safety between the skin and latex.

Moreover, ENCORE® Latex Acclaim® gloves have a very low protein content (30 μg/g or less of water/extractable protein per gram) and their specific latex formulation with reduced use of chemical accelerators minimises the risk of skin irritation.

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