AP Medical SB-SPK Line

Medical Waste Container

The SB-SPK line includes two sizes for the SB line and a disposable SPK container for the disposal of special hospital waste. Solid and shock resistant at both high and low temperature, the container of the SB-SPK line guarantees an hermetic seal by means of the peripheral adhesive on the lid, single and double.

The SPK container of this line is rather spacious and voluminous.

Product Features

  • Lateral and central handles tested for twice the max weight
  • Stacking up to a maximum of 3 m with full load
  • Solidity and resistance against shock at both low and high temperatures
  • Hermetic seal by means of the peripheral adhesive of the lid
  • High perforation resistance
  • Double lid ideal for the disposal of cyto-toxic waste
  • Maximum filling level indicator
  • No emission of harmful gasses during the incineration process

Product Line


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