Airborne Disinfection Device

  • Treats a room up to 300m³
  • Compliant with NFT 72-281(2014)
  • Fully automatic process with touch operator panel and delayed start
  • Constant flow of product guaranteed by an original venturi system assisted by a peristaltic pump
  • Tracking on USB drive
  • It also allows you to perform insect control and deodorisation with suitable, associated products
  • Identification of the room and the operator with a barcode reader
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Standalone automatic atomiser, for airborne disinfection of previously cleaned surfaces.

For use with ASEPTANIOS AD (active from 30 minutes).

Enhanced Performance Processes

  • Solution heated to a constant temperature of 55° C throughout the duration of spraying
  • Sequential automatic regulation of the atomisation for optimisation of the fog’s quality and effectiveness
  • Concentration perfectly stabilised at 7ml/m³ thanks to an original venturi system assisted by a peristaltic pump
  • The flow rate of the nozzle is not subject to possible drops in flow and air pressure like a conventional venturi system

Simple Process

  • Fully automated process (volume and operator selection with a barcode reader).
  • Touch operator panel: each parameter corresponds to a symbol for easy start-up and device set-up.
  • Delayed start preset to 1 min (adjustable from 1 min to 9 hours).
  • Easy replacement of the container without risk of splashing.

Secure Process

  • Automatic calculation of the remaining amount of product in the container. The device will only start if the remaining amount is sufficient to treat the volume of the desired room.
  • Stops automatically at the end of the cycle: displays an indication that the cycle was successful with a request for validation by the operator.
  • No splashing: container equipped with a tube to avoid direct contact with the product.

Optimum Traceability

Essential information is tracked and recoverable with a USB drive.

Connecting a USB drive to the device allows you to retrieve the following information:

  • Timestamp
  • Names and volumes of the rooms treated
  • Operators’ names
  • Operating times
  • Replacements of the containers
  • Any possible malfunctions

Instructions For Use

  • Place the unit in a corner of the room
  • Switch on by selecting the operating mode
  • Identify the room and the operator
  • Automatic calculation of diffusion time
  • Indication of the time the cycle will end
  • Delayed start allowing the operator to leave the room before the treatment starts
  • Automatic stop at the end of the program
  • Ventilate the room

Technical Characteristics

  • Storage capacity: 5L container
  • Nominal flow-rate: 1L/hour
  • Empty weight: ≈ 32 Kg
  • Dimensions: 900 H x 350 L x 400 W
  • Power supply: 240/110 V – 50/60 Hz – 5 A

Precautions for Use

  • Before using the device, read the instructions. The products used in this device are Dangerous
  • Observe the precautions on the label of the product used (Drawn up according to European rules on classification and labelling of chemicals).
  • Use biocides safely.

Please read the label and product information before use.

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