About Us

Corporate Overview

Multikan Sağlık Ürünleri San. ve Dış Tic. Inc. It has been bringing together reliable medical products manufactured with new technologies with healthcare professionals since 1998.

Multikan strengthens its supplier position day by day by offering products that comply with national and international health legislation with an approach that always prioritizes patient safety and user needs.

Multikan, imports, stores and logistics of the brands it represents.

85% of commercial activities carried out by Multikan are medical gloves, 10% plastic medical consumables and 5% disinfection-hygiene products.

Multikan has many years of valuable sophisticated knowledge about hospital infection management and disinfectants.

Our Policy

Our General Management Policy

An approach towards conducting company activities that are open to development, quality, safe and value-based by following the world, with a management policy that complies with the Turkish Commercial Code, applicable legal regulations and professional ethical rules, is aware of its responsibility towards its business partners, is sensitive to the environment, prioritizes the satisfaction of employees and customers. is built on.

The General Management Policy of our company is also a quality policy and a declaration of ethical principles.

Our Sales Marketing Policy

It is based on an approach to realize the sales and marketing targets determined by the management, in coordination with the management, procurement, foreign trade and finance departments within the determined periods and slices, in accordance with the company’s commercial targets and local legislation.

Our Supply Chain Policy

Medical devices and materials produced in accordance with national and international standards; It is based on an approach towards the purchase of reliable foreign suppliers in accordance with the company’s commercial goals, with an attitude that considers patient safety and user comfort.

Our Financial Affairs Policy

The management of the company in financial and financial matters is based on an approach aimed at reaching the company’s financial targets within the minimum risk-maximum benefit strategy, provided that it avoids risk management and uses the most appropriate financial instruments as well as its own resources.

Our Human Resources Policy

It is based on an approach that gives individuals working in our company a purpose and self-development, supports continuous development, high performance and participation, and aims to provide a unique employee experience by creating a fair, safe and peaceful work environment.


It is our mission to bring together reliable and innovative healthcare products with healthcare professionals by following global developments in health technologies, global and local legislation, thus contributing to the health economy and supporting public health.


Our vision is to become a leading global solution partner in the field, providing procurement for the highest level of healthcare services by working in cooperation with healthcare professionals based on the power of teamwork.


Our values are compliance with legal regulations and professional ethical rules, responsibility to our interlocutors, environmental awareness, unconditional customer satisfaction, happy employees, and quality and safe healthcare products.

If you want to work with us, you can fill out our human resources form.

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